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Enabled SSL Now Can't Login to Admin Panel


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I enabled SSL in my PrestaShop since I have an SSL Certificate installed on the domain for the shop. I set my IP address of and in the area where these IP addresses are allowed to access the BackOffice if PrestaShop is in Maintenance mode.


Now, when I go to login as I have in the past, there is an error that the site is using SSL but the IP address and localhost would allow an insecure connection to the BackOffice. I did not place PrestaShop in Maintenance Mode, so I'm at a loss as to why I can't login as SuperAdministrator like I always do.


Can someone assist me with telling me what I need to do in cPanel (perhaps an .htaccess file that needs editing) or what is necessary to allow logins once again? Thank you.


Dan Calloway

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I realize that tech support for Prestashop is free on the forum but I was just wondering how long one has to wait and how many people have to view one's technical issue before they can expect a response? I can't get into the Admin dashboard on my PrestaShop and after 57 views I haven't had one response. Is anyone moderating this forum?


The tagline on the PrestaShop homepage states: "The best place in the world to ask questions about Prestashop and get advice from our passionate community."


I need the passionate community to come forward. Thank you!

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Seriously, if after 48 hours and 65 post views, no one has even bothered to respond or acknowledge my issue in any manner, then you guys should consider doing away with this so-called support forum. There is NO SUPPORT!


Sounds to me as though PrestaShop would rather I call them and setup a support contract if I want any real help with anything. I went through dozens of eCommerce shopping cart applications looking for the one that I thought my client's small business would benefit most from and chose PrestaShop. But now after I have discovered what little support there truly is for the app unless you're willing to give them your credit card number, I may have to reconsider.


Would someone prove me wrong here?

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I'm sorry nobody anwered before. Force prestashop to disable SSL by accessing your database with PHPmyadmin, go to the *prefix*_configuration table. Look for PS_SSL_ENABLED and set it to 0




I don't want to do that since it defeats the purpose for having an SSL certificate. I dont think the problem has to do with the SSL certificate anyway since it was allowing me in before when the SSL certificate was in play. It was only after I provided my IP address, which I inserted through the Add my IP button and 127.0,0,1 to the IP addresses allowed to access the dashboard during maintenance mode that the problem occurred. What you're suggesting is merely a temporary workaround.

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I have decided to drop the PrestaShop in the folder I originally had installed it into and last night I installed PrestaShop using the manual method into another folder using the Installation Wizard to complete the install after creating the associated database using MySQL and PHPMyAdmin.


All is good now with the new shop. Thanks, again, for the willingness to assist.

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Hi dancallo ,

it will be good and helpful if you add error message or screenshot you are getting after enable SSL

as while enable SSL if you got some error then enable it form phpmyadmin by runing below query.

UPDATE {{ ps or if any custom db prefix is set }}_configuration SET `value`=1 WHERE `name`="PS_SSL_ENABLED"

Clear cache and all set.

Thank you



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