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One-view Category > Subcategory (1,2,3 or 4) > Productpage


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Hi all,


Imagine you are shopping in a webshop but you don't have an overview of the path you've taken to the product, what I need is that I navigate trough my categories and the subs are opening beneath the category I already am, see image below for detailed view of my idea.




So, when I click on a category it has to be something like this: open in target="frame_beneath_me"


I think this isn't so hard to make ?


Hope you guys can help me out !

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Or a other way is to get categories with products on the productpage??


I'd considered to use featured products on the productpage, but then you got all these product also in your Cart, but i want to use this for crosselling on that page! :-)


Nobody has an idea for this :( ?

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