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Get product information by its id


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I wanted to implement top rated products feature in my custom rating module. I get the correct product IDs from my module database, then I create product instance from it, but still I don't know how to get product name, image, etc.


I tried the following:


foreach($topProductIDs as $topProductID)
$topProduct = new Product($topProductID);

$name		 = $topProduct->getProductName();
$link		 = $topProduct->getLink();
$link_rewrite = $topProduct->link_rewrite;



but I got a lot of errors, including:


Missing argument 1 for ProductCore::getProductName()


and that link_rewrite is an array.


I am using Prestashop if that matters.


What am I doing wrong? Maybe there is a better way to get product information from its ID?


Thanks in advance

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