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Adding a featured products block for multiple categories (multiple featured products block)


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Hey there, I want to duplicate the featured categories block 10 times and assign it only to 10 different categories and have it show only 6 featured products.


I know how to duplicate, but the problem is that i don't know how to assign each block to a category.


If someone could be kind enough to tell me how.


Thank you

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Hey, the solution i found doesn't work properly, does anyone know how to do this for PS ?

Thank you


It actually works, but it doesn't show the products from the category that i choose, i replace 1 with 7 and it shows no products available, but i have products in category with id 7 :|

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There is a module on the PrestaShop Addons site that allows admins to select multiple categories and specify the number of products from each category that they want displayed on their home page in a random order.


This does not involve duplicating modules (and the associated headache of customising each one) and also uses SEO links to the product and category.


The link to the module is Featured Products by Category.


I am using it on my site and it works really well - I hope you find it useful.

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