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Allowing Only Imported Users to Use the Shop?


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I am new to Prestashop and not a developer, so please forgive my questions here if they seem ignorant.


I am researching Prestashop from a Product Management perpsective to see if it is a suitable product we want to use in our portfolio / solution of e-commerce software.


My requirements are a bit esotoeric, but here goes.


Is there any way, via out-of-box configuration, to do the following? OR, would all or some of the below require custom code (either customizing the Prestashop code or adding our own module)?

  1. We want to completely disable/suppress registration. That is, Users cannot self-register an Account.
  2. We ONLY want Users who have been pre-imported by the Admin to be able to log into, and use Prestashop.

Effectively, Users MUST login, and they can only be created by having the Admin import them into the system.


Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you!

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I believe this is possible, as I created some shops by importing customer information and using it as a registration system for events that are loaded as products. Although I did not disable new registrations, I think this is possible by the following:


1. Disable Guest checkout in the BO

2. Edit the theme template files to remove the "Create your account" section leaving the "Already Registered" section.

3. For one page checkout template, remove the new customer section and leave the "Already Registered" section


Basically, wherever template files allow someone to either register, or login with an existing account, remove the new registration sections.


There shouldn't be any changes required in the BO for this. You would be able to have an admin add additional customers in the BO if needed.

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