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Uploading prices for combos

Maury Markowitz

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I am very confused about how presta stores pricing information for combos, and I'm wondering if someone can help me.


We keep our inventory in QuickBooks (QB), which has no concept of combos. It just has the same thing as products. Presta does have combos, so I've made many products from QB into combos in Presta. I use the Reference field to link QB and Presta.


Now I am trying to update pricing from QB to Presta. For "simple products" this is easy, I simply change the price and wholesale_price fields in ps_product.


But what do I do for combos? It *seems* that a combo does not actually store a price, but a "price impact". Is that actually true?


And I see the same price field in ps_product_attribute as ps_attribute_impact - what is the difference between these?

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