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Customizing product listing and display of fields


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Hello all,


I am trying to customize my product listing for my site similar to the presentation below:




I want the following fields in my product listing and product pages:


1. Retail Price/Original Price

2. Our Price

3. Sale Price (if it is being additionally reduced, otherwise this field does not display)


I do not know how to modify my products to account for these fields or how to get them to display on the product listings. I also want to be able to add other fields like the Condition field but that is not a priority. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

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edit your product-list.tpl file


   {if (!$PS_CATALOG_MODE AND ((isset($product.show_price) && $product.show_price) || (isset($product.available_for_order) && $product.available_for_order)))}
 {if isset($product.orderprice) && ($product.orderprice != $product.price_tax_exc)}<span class="originalPrice price">{convertPrice price=$product.orderprice}</span>{/if}
 {if isset($product.show_price) && $product.show_price && !isset($restricted_country_mode)}<span class="{if $product.quantity <= 0}sold {elseif isset($product.orderprice) && ($product.orderprice != $product.price_tax_exc)}discountPrice {/if}price">{if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}{/if}</span>{/if}
 {if $product.quantity <= 0}<span class="sold">{l s='Sold'}</span>{else if $product.on_sale}<span class="discountPrice  price">{l s='Sale!'}</span>{/if}

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