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Displaying a product's default attribute in new/featured products block


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I have a question regarding displaying only the product's default attribute in the new/featured/special products-blocks.

I don't need the module where I can select all attributes for the product etc, I'm just looking for a quick way to display only the default attribute.


For example I have a product with 2 combinations, one has "Volume: 50 ml" and the other one has "Volume: 100ml" as attribute.

(Volume is an attribute I have added by myself)


The combination with the attribute "Volume: 50ml" is marked as default combination.


Is it possible the display that attribute in the new/feautered/special-products-blocks, so It would look like in the attached image (the red part)


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Thats not what I mean, I don't need the price, I need the attribute.


The base Price module/hack/call-it-whatever-you-want shows me the base price and the base attribute (100ml), not the default product's variation attribute (in my case the 50ml volume).

But I figured it out already. The main Problem is, that the attributes don't seem to be included in the default product array, such that you need to adjust the corresponding controller.php files to retrieve attribute data (and filter it to the default product too (which is "default_on =1").


With the base-price solution you may be able to show something like in my screen:

50 €

100€ / 100ml


but my point was, is that you dont see how much ml you get for 50€. If the price isn't linear, it could possibly not be 50ml. Thats why I needed that.

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