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Problem with new product and reduction for group and categories


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My problem with the transmission discount for a group of clients on a product at a time when I add a category to the new product.


User X belongs to a pro and get a discount on products in category Y in the amount of 10%. Everything is in order. I add a new product category Y, and what happens? the newly added product category Y is a discount of 0%.


The data for the product discount and groups are taken from Table product_group_reduction_cache - when adding a product does not update.


Is it possible to do so, in order to discount data were collected not by id_product product_group_reduction_cache the table, and the table on the basis of group_reduction id_group belongs to the client and product categories id_product reduction of the field?


In general, I would like to discount data were collected for a client from the field reduction from the table group_reduction reduction of the field instead of the field in the table product_group_reduction_cache reduction


I would be grateful for any hint - it is very important to me, spędiłem a lot of time on the attempt to solve the problem, but to no avail.




Sorry for my English - I know that is not the best ;)




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