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Explanation for beginner please


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I am a beginer in prestashop and I would like to build my own theme, but I found a issue, that I have no idea what is {$HOOK_TOP} or where can I find content which contains.


I need to move with searchblock, but when I tried to find it, then I found just this ({$HOOK_TOP}).


So please could somebody explain me what is {$HOOK_TOP} or how can I work with this? or better how can I move with searchblock?

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#What tips and best practices can you share to save time in development/integration?


From the start, take a look at the official PrestaShop documentation. Many of beginners skip documentation – it is in my opinion a mistake. The perfect solution is an empirical experience which is supported by reading the official docs.



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Current version of the documentation will help you in your case. You can read there all important informations for beginers


As you've probably noticed, PrestaShop is a software that allows you to create modules designed to interact directly with the heart of the solution’s display or events.

The "hooks" allow you to retrieve these events or change the display.

So there are actually two distinct types of "hooks".

  • Action "hooks" (letting you, for example, send out a mail when a client creates a user account)
  • View "hooks" (enabling you, for example, to display a module in a column)


so {$HOOK_TOP} is place, where all modules attached to this hook will appear. To edit this "place" you should check modules -> positions for modules list attached to "HOOK TOP" section and then edit modules (templates of module .tpl, change position of module etc.)



razaro pasted links with all important informations in "hooks" case, just read them and try it on your shop :)

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