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[Solved]How Could I Clone The Bankwire Module?


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I tried rename everywhere: bankwire->bankwwire3.

And its fine/work, but when I select the bankwire payment method, and then I ckick the 'I confirm my order' button, loading an error page. (~"the url not find")

But, If I modify the \modules\bankwire3\controllers\front\validation.php file:


class Bankwire3ValidationModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController


Then print on the screen this: "a".

Why? What am I doing wrong?


bankwire version: 0.5

PrestaShop version:



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Hi everyone. Thank you for sharing this module, it's a nice clone, it works fine. However, I'm struggling with an e-mail issue. Bankwire3 module sends e-mails based on bankwire.html instead of bankwire3.html (files from mails folder). Would anyone know what should be changed so that bankwire sends bankwire.html and bankwire3 sends bankwire3.html? Thank you. Jana 




Sorry, it wasn't really the module causing the problem. :-)


Before adding new row in ps_configuration from post No. 6 above, create a new bankwire3 e-mail template (/mails folder in your prestashop root). Then go to your order statutes in BO and create a new bankwire3 status + assign your new bankwire3 template to this status (dropdown box with e-mails appears after checking "Send e-mail to customer"). Go to order statuses list and remember the ID of your newly created bankwire3 status. Then go to your database and add that line from post No. 6, BUT instead of value 10 use the ID of your status (33 in my case for example). Hope this helps someone. 

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