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[solved] Easy One? Broken Images After Directory Change

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I have moved my store to a subdomain of shop.mywebsite.com in the directory mywebsite.com/shop. The original install was in the main directory.


In order for the store's url to show properly as a subdomain I need to change the "Shop domain name" within the "SEO & URLs" settings tab from mywebsite.com to shop.mywebsite.com. If I don't do this the URL shows as mywebsite.com/shop.


My problem is that when I make this change the product image links are broken. Everything else is in place as it should be. I'm sure I've made a silly error but can anybody help?

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You were spot one with that one meg, that was embarrassingly simple. Fixed!


thanks for infromation, that everything works for you now. I marked this topic as solved and the solution in this case is in MEG Venture post:


Have you regenerated .htaccess file?



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