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Lookup The Value Of A Feature In Tpl?

Maury Markowitz

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when you say, feature, what do you mean. It is really easy to access php value in a tpl file but i need more information before i am going to type out an answer. Smarty can do some inTPL maths on a value aswell if needed.


I have a feature called "Nameplate" with a value that is either null or a number like "2000".


I know I can loop over the array of Features and look at the name, like this…



{foreach from=$features item=feature}

<p>{$feature.name}, {$feature.value}</p>




But what I want to do is easily find that one single Feature, the one called "Nameplate", and then get it's value. I suspect there's just a little syntax I need to know to do this…

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Only started looking into smarty today, so could be wrong but cant you use array.key:




i think this is right. this assumes the $features is an array and that 'nameplate' is a key. the code above will return the value of the key nameplate in the array held in $features


they will be capitals sensitive. you will not need to loop to get this single value.

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