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Small Issue With The "listorgridview" Module


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I'm having a little issue with the "Listorgridview" module.


The gridview of the module looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/CNUKYyX.jpg


The first product is always adjusted higher than the other ones. This bug is only in Google Chrome - I cannot reproduce the issue in Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.


I think I found the problem, after messing around with firebug: http://i.imgur.com/OlgrSI3.jpg


The text that says "style="margin-top: 0px" is only there when you inspect the first product with firebug. Not on the second or third. So I'm assuming thats the issue.


I can't find the file where to edit it though. I have looked in all the files/code of the ListOrGrid module, but can't find it there.


Can someone tell me, which file I have to find and edit, to remove the issue?


Thanks in advance :)

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