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How To Add A Testimonial Section With Photos


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I sell new parts for motorcycles and would like to add a section to my website whereby I can post photos my customers have sent me of parts they have bought from me fitted onto their motorcycles. Could anyone advise me how I can go about doing this please? I am using Prestashop 1.5.2


Thanks in advance

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You could add a blog module, or you could add a new cms page with testimonials and add them there...

Go to Preferences -> CMS

Click Add New on button next to pages in this category (NB the 2nd 'add new' that is!)

Build your page with the html tags, pictures etc. and save

Then go to modules and blockcms->configure

there check the new page to be shown in the footer, or make a new block to add it in another place (i think this is possible, never tried though)

Or add a link from your frontpage directly to this new page yourself in your module Home Text Editor or so.



My 2 cents,


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