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[Solved] Which Is Equivalent The Getshipping Method In Ps 1.4 (And Under)?


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I solved the problem:


$shipments = array();
   if (_PS_VERSION_ < 1.5 )
 $carrier = new Carrier((int)$order->id_carrier);
 $shipments[0]['state_name'] = $carrier->name;
 $shipments[0]['shipping_tax_rate'] = round($order->carrier_tax_rate,0);
 $shipments[0]['shipping_cost_tax_excl'] = $order->total_shipping/(($order->carrier_tax_rate/100)+1);
 $shipments[0]['shipping_cost_tax_incl'] = $order->total_shipping;
 $shipments = $order->getShipping();


But! If someone know a better solution, please write to me.

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