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[Question] Bo Cannot Reply Client's Mail

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Hello All,


I just got a problem before with my contact-form that cannot send email to my mail-account ( famously well-known it's GoDaddy's fault... but i don't think so ) - still working on this by asking around... I just bought a good-bargain unlimited hosting with them, so not using GoDaddy is not a solution for me (Linux).


AND I found out that I cannot reply clients' mail from BO. I have tried everything I have found in the forum by using SMTP. Still didn't work. It is said "SENT" in the back-office, but when I check to my mailbox, didn't get anything, even in the spam-box.

--->>> My test mail did work though...


I also just found out, when I subscribe as client, prestashop does not send me any registration confirmation email....... *head-ache*


Anyone has same problem ? Any tips would be appreciated... THANK YOU :)



Cheers !

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What settings have you got in your SMTP server configuration?


I've had a google about godaddy linux hosted services and the number of people having problems is huge, from configuration problems to the servers taking over a dad to deliver e-mail, and the fact that godaddy block outbound relays so you can't use for example a gmail account.


I've been able to glean that you need to use relay-hosting.secureserver.net as your e-mail server with no username or password on port 25 and you can use SSL. That it limits you to 250 e-mails per day and if you want to send more then you have to buy the privilege.

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I'm with Go Daddy and came across your post.


In reviewing the forums I came across this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/199605-what-is-the-problem-with-prestashop-and-godaddy-email-sending/page__st__20__p__1128578__hl__godaddy__fromsearch__1#entry1128578


It appears you may have found a resolution to your concerns.


If not I would be more than happy to look into it and assist further. Please feel free to reply or send me a private message with additional details.

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