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How Do I Develop Payment Module Using My Local Bank Html Form


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Hello, I'm trying to develop a payment module for my local store using my local bank html form


I created the module name file and code structure as follow:


class ModuleName extends PaymentModule{

function __construct() {


function install() {


function uninstall() {




But I really don't where to use the html form and where to go from here. Any help will be appreciate.

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you have an extremely long way to go from that blank html form, to a complete payment module. Way out of scope for a forum post.


If you are serious about attempting this on your own, then you should perhaps review the Check or Bankwire module and adapt it to your needs. You should also read the developer guide on how to create a module.


If this becomes something you require professional help from, that is a service I can offer to you. You can send me a PM for more details.

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