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Override Module Controller?


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I have made some changes in productcomments controllers/front/default.php. (beacuse error messages are not being displayed in correct language - only in english, which is a bug in my opinion; but being relativly new to prestashop, forums, github, etc., i don't know how to report it yet...)


I would like to override the file, so the original can stay unchanged.

Is this even possible?

I've tried to place the new, overriden file in different locations:


- \root\modules\productcomments\override\controllers\front\default.php

- \root\override\modules\productomments\controllers\front\default.php (i created the override\modules folder myself, hoping that it would behave like override\controllers folder...)

- root\themes\mytheme\modules\productomments\controllers\front\default.php


but none of these worked.


Can anybody help, please?

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It is not obligatory to use the override as the translation option is provided. In Localization-> Translations - > Modify translations choose Installed module translations and press the flag.

If you still need override the controller, as it is merged by Prestashop during module installation, it is necessary to uninstall Productcomments and then install again, otherwise the controller rewrite won't be processed.


Best regards.

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thanks for Your advice, but translations for productcomments are not displayed correctly (PS 1.5.2), this is why i said it's a bug. So i wan't to override the module with my code that displays the translations. You can see my original topic about translating comments here:



thanks again, bye.

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