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Extra Field In Blockbestsellers


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I have added an extra field in the database table 'product' containing a url link to a sound clip unique for each product. I want to pull this into some code so that a play button can be inserted into the top sellers and play the media from the link. I have the sound player working when I statically code in the clip link but cannot figure out how to bring in the data as part of the array so that I can use the field from the database in the {foreach} loop in blockbestsellers.tpl


I'm running v1.5.3.1


Any pointers would be gratefully received.



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Ok found answer.


In file \classes\ProductSale.php on line 138 add newfield to SQL select query and then in \themes\default\modules\blockbestsellers\blockbestsellers.tpl add {$product.newfield} where needed.

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