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Color Picker And Attributes Stop To Work - Urgent

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This little but very annoying problem is ruining my shop launch. Please help me to debug what's happening (it might be a very simple thing to solve).


My color picker and attributes select stopped working I don't know why. I can click on the color and choose a size on the select box but nothing happens, the url doesn't receive the variables. It is as if the information isn't being passed. I looked at the debug window and the $attributesCombinations and the $combinations variables are OK.


I can give full access to the development page because I don't have time to do a clean install.


Can anyone please help me???



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I found additional very important info...this code inside products.tpl isn't assigning the correct values, the array as empty values: (the attribute and group values are empty)


{if isset($attributesCombinations)}

// Combinations attributes informations

var attributesCombinations = new Array();

{foreach from=$attributesCombinations key=id item=aC}

tabInfos = new Array();

tabInfos['id_attribute'] = '{$aC.id_attribute|intval}';

tabInfos['attribute'] = '{$aC.attribute}';

tabInfos['group'] = '{$aC.group}';

tabInfos['id_attribute_group'] = '{$aC.id_attribute_group|intval}';





I just have to understand why this is happening...

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