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Customize Header Links For Translation


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Using Prestashop v.,

Trying to figure out how to make my cms page link in tmcategories.tpl updated for a spanish translation.


example: <li><a href="http://www.myurl.com/cms.php?id_cms=4">About Us</a></li>


Just goes to the About Us page. I don't have a way to change this to Spanish. Thought about using an if statement to check the language, but figured there must be a better way.


Maybe some code I can add to a module and use something like

{l s="About Us" mod="tmcategories"} to make it appear in the translations? I'm not too familiar with what would be required to do this?


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :)

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Solved this:

The original code for translation worked :)


{l s="About Us" mod="tmcategories"}


My tools=>translations=>

were not updating or storing when I saved.

After much research I created a php.ini file inside my admin folder that allowed my max_post_size = 32M verses the default 8M.

This was the reason it wasn't storing.


Hopefully this will help someone else out.

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