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Common Way To Create Custom Tabs In Backend


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Hello everyone. I'm quite new to prestashop, bu the question is very simple. What is the common way to create a tab in the backend menu to access my module? Will it trigger to load a module controller? If any good tutorial exists I would be grateful. Thanks.

Here is what I have tried, but it does nothing.


//Install method
public function install()
if( (parent::install() == false)||(!$this->_createTab())  )
	return false;
return true;
//creating the tab under Modules root tab
private function _createTab()
$tab = new Tab();
$tab->id_parent = 7; // Modules tab	
$tab->name[(int)(Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'))] = $this->l('Warranty');
  return false;
return true;

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