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A Very Simple Question About A Tab.


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Hello all,



I'm trying to create a new admin page. I've managed, using the tutorials, to make it display a list of the products and generally it does what I want. The problem is that I don't seem to find a proper way to add a button at the bottom of the table where it shows my products. It only shows at the header I have implemented a boolean with a save button as you will see on my code but I don't know how to use it to call a function that I'm about to write.


Is there any other way or can I use my existing code to call a function on button click and also do things with the products that are chosen by the delete multi selection? Thanks in advance



include_once( PS_ADMIN_DIR.'/../classes/AdminTab.php');

class AdminTest extends AdminTab
 public function __construct()
 $sql= 'TRUNCATE TABLE '._DB_PREFIX_.'fyndiq';
 $sql2= 'INSERT IGNORE INTO '._DB_PREFIX_.'fyndiq (product_id,product_name,product_price)SELECT '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang.id_product,name,price FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang,
 '._DB_PREFIX_.'product WHERE '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang.id_product = '._DB_PREFIX_.'product.id_product';
 if (!Db::getInstance()->Execute($sql))
 die('Error etc.');
 if (!Db::getInstance()->Execute($sql2))
 die('Error etc.');
 $this->table = 'fyndiq';
 $this->className = 'fyndiq';
 $this->lang = false;
 $this->edit = false;
 $this->delete = true;
 $this->fieldsDisplay = array(
'product_id' => array(
  'title' => $this->l('ID'),
  'align' => 'center',
  'width' => 25),
'product_name' => array(
  'title' => $this->l('Name'),
  'width' => 200),
'product_price' => array(
  'title' => $this->l('Price'),
  'align' => 'center',
  'width' => 6)  
 $this->_fieldsOptions =array('active' => array('title' => $this->l('Importera alla valda produkter till Fyndiq.se?'), 'width' => 25, 'align' => 'center', 'active' => 'true', 'type' => 'bool', 'orderby' => true));

 $this->identifier = 'product_id';



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