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Product Image Resizing


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I need to make the product image dynamically resizable with different screen resolutions. I need that the product image takes the space between the menu on the left and the right column and if the screen resolutions decreases, so does the product image size (div). An example of the product page is attached.


I there's any need to see the code I'll give access to it.


You can see the live page here: http://www.signed.pt/~impetus/store/index.php?id_product=8&controller=product&id_lang=7#


Need help ASAP, I'm finishing the site.






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DoubleD. Thanks for your feedback but this is not what I'm looking for, I only need to customize the product page to act differently between resolutions, the rest of the webpage is ok.


It's as simple as being able to dynamically resize the div that contains the product image.




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