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$Php_Handling Don't Work On Ps 1.5


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HI everybody,


I used to work with PS 1.4 and now I instal.led PS 1.5.


I'm trying to insert some php code just to test the version, and of course I've change Smarty function:


$php_handling = PHP_ALLOW


But every time I insert code like "<?php" the system quotes it like "<!--<?php" and using the smarty quote {php} the pàge breaks.


Is this a bug or something new on 1.5 version.


Many thanks,

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Fine, just have to change in config/Smarty.config.inc :



Search the following code:




global $smarty;


$smarty = new Smarty();


And change for:





global $smarty;


$smarty = new SmartyBC();


Now you can edit PHP code into the tpl files :)

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