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Product Delivery Date And Quantity Discount


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Dear all,


I have a question about the standard prestashop modules delivery date and quantity discount. I am using prestashop version 1.5.3.

First of all, on the check-out page where you can choose your carrier, you can see your estimated delivery date. Though it works, I do have a problem with it. When I have for example 5 pieces in stock from product X and I order 6 pieces, it gives me the minimum delivery date (for on stock products). But what I want in this case is to show the maximum delivery date (in my situation 3 days-5 days extra). That is all set in the back-office. But how can I make this work?


About the quantity discount. Now it is sorted this way for example: 30 pieces - 20 pieces - 10 pieces. What I want is a reversed sequence of this. 10 pieces - 20 pieces - 30 pieces etc. I did try a few thinks but those didn't work out well. Can somebody provide me with a code for it?


Thank you all in advance!

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Hi Martijn,


About the second question:

Open the file /classes/Specificprice.php:


Locate the function:


public static function getQuantityDiscounts($id_product, $id_shop, $id_currency, $id_country, $id_group,

$id_product_attribute = null, $all_combinations = false, $id_customer = 0)


There is an SQL database statement in this function that has an order part in it. Change this part:


ORDER BY `id_product_attribute` DESC, `from_quantity` DESC, `id_specific_price_rule` ASC, `score` DESC




ORDER BY `id_product_attribute` DESC, `from_quantity` ASC, `id_specific_price_rule` ASC, `score` DESC


That does the trick.


Actually, you should override this class file, instead of directly edit the original, to simplify upgrading to newer PS versions. See the Prestashop developers documentation about overriding class files. See link here for details:



Hope this helps,


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