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[Multishop]How To Enable Automatic Routing From Client Ip To Zone Multishop


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Hi, here is my story.


We installed a prestashop to sells good, as we are worldwide company, we need to sell in different currency depending on the client home country. We created 3 shops : America, Europe, Asia.


To do so we went in the "admineb" to

- Advanced parameters -> Multistore

- Created a group shop called Ecommerce World containing all stores as shown in attached file.



Ecommerce Asia use : http://antenna.satimo.fr/asia

Ecommerce America use http://antenna.satimo.fr/america

Ecommerce Europe use http://antenna.satimo.fr/


When we try to accès to the different stor using the URL everything works good.

But we don't know and haven't found the way to auto route client browser to it's own shop

Exemple : USA IP -> http://antenna.satimo.fr/america


We tried Geolocation, it succeed to forbid access to the "not good" shop.

Exemple : USA IP -> http://antenna.satimo.fr/asia not accessible


Bbut it does not route the client to his own shop.


Exemple : USA IP -> http://antenna.satimo.fr/ (Europe) display your are not allowed here but does not reroute the client to http://antenna.satimo.fr/america.


I hope I was clear enough


Best regards,


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