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Increase Height Of Product Title In Product_List

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I'm getting some css bleedover in multiple browsers pn product title and would like to increase the height, assume this is done in the css but only reference I could find was here. How can I correct (see attachment). Using the Prestashop theme. Thanks



ul#product_list li {

background: #d0d3d8 url('../img/block_category_item_bg.jpg') repeat-x;

border: solid 1px #d0d3d8;

padding: 6px;

min-height: 130px;

height: auto;

clear: both;

margin-bottom: 0.3em


* html ul#product_list li {

height: auto !important;

height: 130px



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is your show available online? it's hard to help without an access to website

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i checked it


you must change height css param form h5 tag located in global.css 905


#center_column div.products_block h5 {
display: block;
margin-top: 8px;
height: 2.57em;


you have to: delete height param or increase value of it :)

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