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Quest For Speed - Small Tip


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Hello everybody,


just small tip for speeding up the page.


In header.tpl add "index.php"


<a id="header_logo" href="{$base_dir}index.php"


In my case, it speeds up loading time of my page after click on logo by 300 ms.


The same applies on breadcrumb, add "index.php" to breadcrumb.tpl



<div class="breadcrumb">

<a href="{$base_dir}index.php" title="{l s='return to Home'}">



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Another tip...


If you use sprites (what you definitely should), you can make your logo clickable background image and sprite it.


Make your logo div clickable: <a id="header_logo" href="{$base_dir}index.php" title="{$shop_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"></a> in header.tpl, and adjust #header_logo in global.css like this:

#header_logo {float:left;display:block; background: url('../kvety.png') no-repeat 0 0; width:222px;height:95px;margin-top:0px;}

and adjust position:

div.header_logo a {padding-left:30px;} in my case. Working version here: kvetshop.sk

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