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[Solved] Editing The Display Of "featured Products" On Home Page

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Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm new to prestashop and am in the process of setting up my online store.


please see the attached image related to the question I'm asking.


When I load my homepage the featured products seem to be too close to one another and it makes it difficult to differentiate the text between products, I'm guessing I'll have to edit code somewhere, would it be possible to add a space between the products?


and would I be able to center the item pictures and remove the "new" link next to it?


thank you for any help and time.






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In your ftp, go to themes>default>css> global.css add these


.products_block li{

margin-right: 10px;







.products_block li .product_image{




Hope it helps!


thank you so much, It worked perfectly, decided to rather keep the images left rather then centered

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