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Making online shop more secure


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I know there is a security thread where security issues with Prestashop are raised, but what I am hoping for is a general discussion on how to make an online store (and in particular Prestashop) more secure.  I am new to this and I am searching the web for info, but if anyone wants to comment then it would be helpful with general security best practise.


This is not aimed at the Prestashop developers (although feel free to comment) but the community.


One question that I do have regarding Prestashop - I think I read somewhere that the version 1.0 release will be the first properly secure Prestashop version, and until then we shouldn't use the software commercially?  Is that the case, and if so, are there any timings on the 1.0 version?







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Hi ash,


We also welcome an open discussion on security, and second your call for participants!


In the meantime, rest assured that there will be no major updates or changes to security features for 1.0; security is a top priority here and the current version is already very secure.  Several business owners have already taken their PrestaShop shops online with no reported security failures.


As for timing on a 1.0 release, we are aiming for mid-January. :)


Happy holidays!

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Maybe you will release it on my birthday  ::)


As for security, any web site using personal details should make this there number one concern. My current prestashop instalation has no SSL however my zen cart store (on a different domain dose) so when my site is live this will be in place.

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