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Backoffice Login Scarry Error :o


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Greatings !



  • After automatic update of my OS a few days back, loging into the BackOffice was impossible - coming with a not found error page :wacko:
  • I tried to log in from different computers with the same result: The issue seemed to be on the server/prestashop side :blink::unsure:<_<:angry:
  • Hopefully, last visited links are memorized in navigators and come as suggestions when typing the address of the site. One of them was: www.mydomain/location/myadmin/a long coded string of characters. I tried it and could access the login page again, making me suspect that something went wrong in the logout process
  • Before chosing the Prestashop solution, I had played a little with a test installation, and got a similar issue. I'm a bit scared that the problem may occur again in the future and cause bad consequences
  • Version of PrestaShop: 1.5.2. (earlier test: the last 1.4)



  1. What causes a BackOffice login failure usually ?
  2. What are the different technical options to get back to the login prompt if left unlucky without memorized previous links ?

Many thanks.

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Something went wrong with this question.


Vague, vast, difficult, stupid, or taboo ? My apologies.


I can refine and converge though.


Any hints of any type will be most welcome - just relax and jump in - thanks.

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