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[Solved] Problem Installing Mail Alerts...

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Hi all,


I tried to help someone out with a question about Email notifications (They didn't get one when new orders came in). So I wanted to install the mail alerts module on a clean testshop of mine.


I pressed Install and everything seemed ok. Green message that it was installed, I could configure etc.

After pressing Save in configure, I didn't get any confirmation that changes were saved, so I wanted to try another time.


When getting to mail alert module to press configure again, I noticed that the module had been

UN-installed miraculously??


I tried to install again. Program complained that it was installed already. scrolling down, it was installed indeed. BUT after a refresh of browser page. It was gone again...


Installed again and uninstalled directly (when uninstall button was still visible, next to configure). Normal uninstall successful message. Reinstall and refresh of browser, same problem: Uninstalled.


(Tried to install link block to if it was a common problem, but this one installed normally)






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do you have file cache turned on? if so try turning it off, then configure the module...

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Well, elPatron, you're the boss :-)


After turning off cache, it didn't show itself as turned off anymore. (That means I didn't have to re0install again, it just popped back to installed.

It's configuarable, and stays on.


Can you explain the background of this problem? What makes cache cause this, you think??


Thanks!. Solved.

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the problem exists on my 1.4 shop...and I don't know why...after thinking it was my module (developing)...and spending so much time trying to debug said module..and when discovered by chance it was due to file cache...I turned it off and walked away...never turned it on again....


btw: eljefe is the boss...


elpatron...is more like the benevolent one...I travel a lot in S. America...and they call me patron...I really don't know why...I prefer mono...jajajaja

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