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I Am About Ready To Give Up On Ps

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At one point I have PS 1.5 installed and everything worked beautifully for a few days. Then I decides to add Greek & Russian translations, and the payment (stirpe, paypal, and google) all went haywire, then the cart gave me a blank screen - I worked a week on each of those issues gleaning pearls of wisdom from the forum and documentation - to no avail. So I deleted everything and started over in an empty root directory, could not make import from sql or the PS csv module so re-entered each product (fortunately on 43) and non of the payment modules worked anymore. So I said heck with it after a smart remark from Tech Support at my host (while i was looking for a little help), and moved the domain to a new host - compete brand new install. Once I got SSL xfered and PS installed everything looked fine again - import of products & customers still did not work. So I re-entered a few products just to test it out.


Now, I enter products and save & stay and I am taken to the home page of the shop. Half the data is not saved, and the product does not show in the proper categories - the categories are empty. When I clic to add to cart it goes there. But when I go to check out - it goes to an all text page that lists the product and pic, but there is no checkout option, and the link doesn't even work.


I really like the looks & feel of PS, but I am so frustrated that I am ready to go back to Zen or OSC.


Can somebody please tell me that I have just missed some silly little thing? I am on my 6th installation - what kills me is the first installation was fine for several weeks - so it is not like I haven't done it successfully.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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When you install new modules or new languages, so your server refresh the cache and re-compiles all. Can you please check the values of your server.


Important is that the memory_limit is NOT UNDER 128M, otherwise you will have the problem on loading, missing, etc...


Other important values are: max_execution_time 300 and max_imput_time 300. This configuration is fine for to run Prestashop 1.5.X well.


Have you installed also other modules (free, paid ) which are not from Prestashop original download package ?

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You should always make a full backup copy of your website especially database before you do everything that you are not sure will working fine. AND MAKE SURE your backup copy is good and can be use.

So if something gone wrong you can easily revert back your website.


Make sure those modules are compatible with Prestashop version 1.5.x before used

When you importing products, customer etc, from dump sql or csv files you should make sure if your files are in good conditions and fully compatible with your current prestashop version (database structure).


If your import files is incompatible then your prestashop will return error


Prestashop will not producing error if you doesn't do somethings wrong with it ... .. ... unless there is a bugs or your server requirement is not suitable with prestashop requirement


My sugestion :

  1. Fresh install Prestashop. Create one as your main site (in http://domain.com) and one as development site (http://domain.com/dev/)
  2. Leave main site and do the changes on development site until you are sure all changes that you are doing are working fine
  3. Develop design, cutom features and configuring your prestashop (languanges, payment, shipping, taxes, email, etc) first before you start to input products
  4. You can easily copy database and files from development site to main site later
  5. If everything working fine then you can start to input products and the others web contents to your Prestashop

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Thank you both for your suggestions. I have recent backups of my site & db, the problem is that the new installation won't import the data.


My original install was in public_html/prestashop to test and see if I liked it. The second install was in the public_html both installed from the same file. But the pub installation will not recognize the csv or sql file from the first.


So I am back on the original server working with the first install that worked fine for awhile. All the products, customers & orders are still intact, so all i need to do now is figure out why the checkout pages (prestashop/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php) and google (/prestashop/modules/gcheckout/payment.php) is blank.


OK, fixed the paypal error - now working on google blank page. I have to set it up right in google check out - i cannot find the integration menu under settings and will have to contact google.


Thanks again - there is light at the end of the tunnel again!


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