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Show Out Of Stock In Size Attribute Drop Down


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Hello ,


Im currently facing a problem wich i can't fix maybe you can help me out.


Im showing a dropdown with all the sizes. Now I want to show in the dropdown when a product is out of stock (out of stock) next to the size.


i have found a sniped wich shows wich products are out of stock:


{foreach from=$combinations key=idCombination item=combination}

{if $combination.quantity == 0}

{assign var=attributes value=','|explode:$combination.list}

{foreach from=$groups key=id_attribute_group item=group}

{foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute}

{foreach from=$attributes item=attribute name=attribute}

{if $id_attribute == $attribute|substr:1:-1}

{$group_attribute} - {* if !$smarty.foreach.attribute.last}, {/if *}











It works but I rather want to show it in the dropdown. How can I get this?

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