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Use prestashop with others scripts


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Hello dear Prestashopers !


My company uses Prestashop and I'm doing a new website for them.

We have some "main" products representing 80% of our sales, so I am making a very simple ordering interface in a jQuery popup to lead the client efficiently.


I want the the orders placed by this way to be visible and managable in the Prestashop.


Can you suggest me one or some solutions to register a new client and make a new cart & order from a script (an external page) ?


I already thought of those solutions :

1. Write directly in the MySQL tables

2. Recreate at the end of the process the HTTP dialog in AJAX

3. Ask the question on Prestashop.com to find a cleaner solution <_< (Maybe is there some functions package to realise those basic operations)


Thank you for reading me.



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Try using the RESTful API, heren is the docs (thought not clear at all): http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS14/Using+the+REST+webservice


You can make external calls this way (after enabling the webservice). It's pretty ugly to deal with with jquery (or backbone) since ti gives you back XML instead of plain json. You should use some conversion plugin at that point

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