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Where do I get Order, Product and Customer data?


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Hi everyone,


I didn't have much luck looking in the forums, but my searching skills may need some work.


I am trying to call an API after order confirmation which will dispatch the order to a printer.


I've made a little test module that hooks on to displayOrderConfirmation, this works lovely. My challenge now is to dig out the data I need to send to the API. My problem is I have no idea which objects are available to me at this point.


I've tried dumping some objects to see what's what.


	$orderObject = $params['objOrder'];
	$customerObj = $params['objOrder']->getCustomer();
	$addressId = $orderObject->id_address_delivery;

	$address = new Address(intval($orderObject->id_address_delivery));

	$this->Dump($address, "ADDRESS");
	foreach ($params['objOrder']->getProducts() as $product)
		$this->Dump($params, "PRODUCT");
	$this->Dump($orderObject, "ORDER");

	$this->Dump($customerObj, "CUSTOMER");


So far I've found the delivery address, customer looks fine aswell. I have some trouble with finding the product names. I think they showed up when I just dumped the entire getProducts array.


So I guess my questions are:

  1. Am I getting the address correctly, is this best practice?
  2. Am I getting the customer data correctly?
  3. How do I get proper order and product data, specifically the product names, if possible attributes and price impact of those?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :)

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if you're on 1.5, try this first


$this->context->cart->address (for the address)

$this->context->cart->customer (for the customer, in case you need to get id, email, etc)


also, try var_dump on $orderObj to see if there is something else in it. I'm pretty much sure the contextual cart holds everything you need ;)

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