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Same Product, One Stock Level, Multi-pul Listings

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Morning all,


I'm going to try and explain my situation without confusing everyone...


I run a Scooter based online shop selling spare parts. Some of these parts are universal in the sense that they might fit a number of different makes and models.


As categories I have it laid out as 'Manufacture' > 'Model'.


At present I have the universal fitting parts located in each of the model categories for which the item fits, however I am stuck when it comes to creating a title and therefore doesn't help the customer much when using the search facility.


What I would like to do is create a product listing for each model that the item fits with it's own unique title, description etc, however maintain the same QTY level overall.




Honda SH125 Front Brake Pads [sKU: 1234] (Stock Level: 3)

Yamaha Vity 125 Rear Brake Pads [sKU: 1234] (Stock Level: 3)


When either of the above items are sold the stock is removed from the SKU rather than the item.


We did look at WooCommerce prior to using Presta and found we would be able to do it with an internal affiliate style link.


Any help or points in the right direction would be really helpful.





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