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how to call a moduleadmincontroller


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Hello there,

I am developing a new ps1.5 module and get kinda stuck with the following:

i want a button in the backend that when pressing it calls an admin controller. I have set the controller in /modules/mymodule/controllers/admin/ajax.php


class MymoduleAjaxModuleAdminController extends ModuleAdminController{




i want to do this with an admincontroller because I don't want people to be able to call the ajax.php without admin rights.


Now what I cannot figure out is what the link to this controller is. The frontcontroller is not a problem (Link::getModuleLink() ) but i can find no solution for the admin controller link. any help is most appreciated


regards, Eric

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Hi, the link to the controller is only valid if you place it in controllers/admin/nameofthefile.php

Furthermore, you need to create a table for it, too.


If it's just for permission, why not checking if the current employee ($this->context->employee) has a profile which meets your needs?

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Hi Nemo1,

thanks for your reply.


my problem with $this->context->employee is that when i call ajax.php and then try to get the employee, that it returns NULL when I place the ajax.php my module path instead of the /admin path. And that I don't want because I want to keep everything inside my module directory and definately not spread alover. So it is better in my opinion to use an admincontroller instead. Unless i miss something.


I finally figured it out though. I was just using the wrong naming convention and thus not consequent enough in the end

my controller is now: /modules/mymodule/controllers/admin/AdminMymodule.php


then, in the backend under in the administration tab/menus I added the menu like this:



the class name is important.note that it is exactly the controller-filename without the .php extension.

and now I can call the link with $link->getAdminLink('AdminMymodule').


Reading the help pages of the prestashop backend can be very enlightning!!

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