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Selling Zero Rated & Normal Rated VAT Items in Prestashop - UK VAT


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Hi There,


We sell two different categories of products. The first are adult items which attract VAT at 20%. The second are Childrens items which are zero rated for VAT purposes.


I have these set up using the price rules on each individual item.


The problem comes when we then take into account the shipping.


When there is any standard rated item in the cart I need the shipping prices applied to include VAT. I.e. If there is a zero rated and standard rated item in the cart, or when there is only standard rated items in the cart it must show/apply shipping with taxes included.


However when there is only zero rated goods in the cart i need it to show/apply shipping with taxes excluded?


Is there any way that people can think of to solve this problem?




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I have figured out how to do this using weights.


All the childrens products i have set at weights of 0.001kg and i have a set of postage options that range from 0 - 0.1kg without tax included. I have these set to disabled when out of range.


All the adult taxable products have weights of above 0.11kg so when one is added to the cart it tips over into a second set of postage options that have tax included that go from 0.11kg upwards. These are also set to disabled when out of range.


Hopefully the above helps someone.

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  • 7 years later...

I am going to bump this even though it is 7 years old as I too have this problem.

The original workaround is ok however I already calculate my shipping based on weight and also I have a store with 3 tax bands, 0%, 5% and 20%.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to allocate the correct VAT on a carrier.

I have been toying with the idea of not allowing a product with 20% VAT use the 0% VAT carrier however this leaves a basket full of 0% products with a long list of carriers and the ability to choose the 20% VAT carrier in error as if I stop 0% Vat items using the 20% carrier if there is a mix of products no carrier will be available. I hope that makes sense.



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