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Cookie Conflict ?

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I had 1 main website (www.mysite.com) running


I needed to duplicate the site and run it independently from a sub domain (www.sub.mysite.com)


I changed all of the variables in settings.inc.php, yes i changed the define COOKIE_KEY & COOKIE_IV in the duplicate.


I have both sites running fine almost 90% of the time but here is my problem:


If a customer visits my main site (www.mysite.com) it places a cookie on the computer with a unique "Cookie Name", then if the same customer visits my sub domain (www.sub.mysite.com) and tries to log in, they can't?? I have looked at the cookies the sites place on my computer and they both have the same "Cookie Name" this is the only thing I think is conflicting. When they try to log in it just clears the login boxes and refreshes the page.


If I remove the cookie which (www.mysite.com) placed on my computer and try to login (www.sub.mysite.com) again it works fine?


Like I said I have different settings in settings.inc.php but even if I change these again I always get 2 cookies with the same name??


How do I change the generated cookie name of (www.sub.mysite.com)?? I have looked in "classes/cookie.php" and found "$this->_name = md5($name);" but i assume this is using the COOKIE_KEY from setting.inc.php for the md5??


I have changed COOKIE_KEY setting several times but the cookie name never changes??

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this is a duplicate post...please don't do that...though it's a better idea to create a new post rather than digging up old posts...

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