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Share stock between multiple combination

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I'd like to be able to share the stock value between multiple combination.


I need to be able to sell tickets for theatre and the price of the ticket depends on the age of the person (children and seniors pay less than adults).


Then, I want to create a product for each representation of a show and add some combination for each kind a people but the number of seat in the theatre are common to all people.


Do you know if I can achieve this using standard prestashop functionnalities or if a module exists?


Thank you in advance,




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There is no way of doing it in default Prestashop.


As far as I am aware, there is no module that can do what you need either.


We have a module (http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/attribute-modules/34-attribute-wizard-pro.html) that changes the way combinations are handled, and allows to have multiple attributes from one group share the stock, but they cannot have a price impact.


If you have 2 attribute groups, one with an impact and one without an impact, you could still achieve what you need, but if it uses only 1 attribute group, then you will require some custom changes.


Another alternative is to add a dummy group with 1 attribute, you could hide it using CSS on the front end, but it will make the stock behave the way you need.

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