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Merchandise returns status emails

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I am trying to stop sending email when a merchandise return state is changed to "return completed", because i'm emailing my customer already a complete mail when i generate a credit slip.


Return Completed ID in db is number 5..


so i'm modifying the following within AdminReturnController.php in controllers/admin folder.


at line 221: i added the if statement to avoid email being sent when status is 5


if (!$orderReturnState == '5')
Mail::Send((int)$order->id_lang, 'order_return_state', Mail::l('Your order return state has changed', $order->id_lang),
$vars, $customer->email, $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname, null, null, null,
null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, true, (int)$order->id_shop);


i also tried $orderReturn->state.. but whatever i do.. just the fact of putting the if statement, is cancelling the emails for all statuses.


What am i doing wrong. any help is much appreciated. Thanks



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I think it helps if you do this:


if (!($orderReturnState == '5'))


I think in your line it first calculates "!$orderReturnState" (= False)

then compares to 5 (false == '5') being false, so this statement is never done.


If you add the brackets, it first checks if $orderReturnStat == '5', and THEN NOTs it using the '!", which is what you want.


I hope I'm right here... give it a try.


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Hi Pascal,


Thanks, your explanation helped me go further..

Actually it didn't work, this time it kept sending mails for all statuses.. so i tried this:


if (!(($orderReturn->state = (int)(Tools::getValue('state'))) == '5'))


and it worked !


Cheers !!

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Ha! I didn't go as far as to check the statement itself, just the correctness of the sentence as given... Good that you found it!




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