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In PrestaShop 1.4 I spent a few days trying to get the product display page to display the Supplier Reference. After a lot of trying to get help eventually someone offered to do it for $5, I was more than happy to do so and the job was done.


To do this on the product.tpl in my theme files I simply had to put:




Can't remember if anything else was involved, don't think so.


Now I have upgraded to the latest PS and this no longer works :(


Well and truly stuck, any chance somebody can point me in the right direction to get this working?

(I have created the Suppler called Vase Included(this is what I want to display on certain products...), I have also then assigned the supplier to the product and set the supplier reference to Vase Included.


So basically all I want is to be able to display the Supplier name on the product page.

Pretty please, much love :)



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