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Sprite images problem with - Firefox bug


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I have a problem with sprite images in Firefox, there is no such problems with Chrome or Opera.


While clicking on currency in Firefox sprite images disapper.

When you refresh page sprite images come back and everything is ok until you click on currency.

And issue alternately changes when "clicking currency" / "refreshing F5"


Link to shop:http://sklep.ikony-art.com/


Please give me any suggestions.

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Hi, have you resolved your issue?

I have similar experience - images (single images, not sprite) are not loaded after changing currency ONLY. It's pretty weird, because

it happens only for some people and only in Firefox 20 (older version was ok). My hosting provider say it's related to a limit (on server) - number of http request per IP address which is exceeded on my site. Other browsers display images anyway, only Firefox not and only after switching the currency, so I guess it's new behaviour of latest version of Firefox ...

I recommend using CCC for CSS and javascript (settings under performance in administration) but your CSS and javascript must be without any bugs. This will reduce the number of http requests so it should help in case that your site is exceeding the limit set on server.

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