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Product price based on analysis of file uploaded by the customer


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I would like to know, if it is possible to implement a module capable of following:


I want to have one special product which will not have any price (so it will not be possible to add it to the cart). On product detail page there will be file upload form for the customer. He will upload a file to the server, the file will be automatically analysed. The result of the analysis will be the price of the product. Once the price is known, it is displayed on the product detail and customer is now allowed to add this product to the cart.


He can add this item multiple times always providing different file, therefore having different prices.


Is it possible? If yes, could you please give me some hints where to start?

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I was thinking about the same module.


The only solution I found was to create many different options (hidden from customer) that are chosen by Java Script according to analyzes of the file uploaded.


To reduce number of options you can make some intervals and round the results so they will belong to the right interval.


I know... that's not what you are looking for, but always something.

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