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[Help] Fixing database default information


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Hi, Im new to prestashop and to programing in general, but I have some basic html and coding skills.


My problem is the following:


I wanted to delete all categories in my site to start fresh and build them is i needed them for this retail site. After I deleted all the categories in the front end some categories kept appearing, so I had the stupid idea to go to phpmyadmin and go to the categories tables and delete almost everything in there except for the first row.


- prs_category

- prs_category_group

- prs_category_lang

- prs_category_product


Now my site is missing the category bar in the top, I doesent let me access the categories panel in the backend and it changed the url from www.pontelamoda.com/home/es to www.pontelamoda.com/home Everything in my site is in spanish so i guess the "es" is for the version of the website but I'm afraid that such a change can affect other modules I have installed and programed (custom ones for this website)


Please help me figure out how to fix this by putting the default configuration for those tables and make everything work again.


I really appreciate your knowledge and interest in this topic I'm starting,



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