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Problem in product pages view


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Hi Everybody, suddenly and without any reason ( i've done nothing ) my Prestashop website has a problem in every product pages view....i don't understand why and how to fix this strange problem!

Take a look in order to understand what i mean:

w w w.lemuseonline.com/watches-for-sale/new-products.php

Any ideas???

Thank you very much!

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Hmm, somehow the 2nd, 3rd, etc product items get defined outside the <UL ID="product list"... tag block.


When only 1 product in the (Sub) category all goes well (like Subcategory Vintage watches->Men's watches-> Eberhard)


Seems like an error in your theme. Can you try to change your theme to the default one and see f it happens there as well?




(N.B. Maybe check your price of http://www.lemuseonline.com/watches-for-sale/modern-watches/423-jaeger-lecoultre-perpetual-calendar-8-days.html . Seems very cheap... ;-)



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Hi Pascal, thanks for your reply.....anyway, i've tried to change theme and, considering that i have another website in which i have the same theme i have also tried to replace the theme root of this website with the theme root of the other one ( that works perfectly! )....nothings, it will be the same!

It is a very strange thing, i'm freaking out...it has worked perfectly since two days ago and now, without doing nothing, it has this problem!

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Another very strange thing: i have two computers, one with Windows and another is a Mac....if i use Firefox on the Mac i see the website in the right way while using any other browser i see it in the wrong way....if i use Firefox on the windows pc i see it in the wrong way!!!

If works only with Firefox on a Mac.....how is it possible?????

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  • 3 weeks later...

After checking a lot of things i've understood that the problem is in the languages...in fact if i go in the SQL database and delete the PS_product_lang root the problem desappear....obviuosly every products descriptions will desappear too!

Any idea on what i can do to fix this problem without deleting that root??? Thanks...

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Can you do one test for me, just to make sure..?

Can you turn OFF your caching system at

Advanced parameters>performance screen (all the way down) and reload your pages again? (Clear your browser cache as well!)?


I see many undefinable errors that go away by turning this off, so just on case...


Please share result!

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Ok...now i've understood the problem, in the site that works good if i go in the SQL database in the root PS_product_lang for each product the are 4 lines, one for each language while in the website that works bad there are only one line because i've deleted the other three languages....i don't know why but this thing create e view problem in the products pages!

How can i fix this problem?any idea?

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