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i need to change the color of the header.. i changed the left menu header bg color from global.css


/* BLOCK .block ******************************************************************************** */

.block {margin-bottom:20px}

#footer .block {margin-bottom:0}

.block .title_block, .block h4 {

padding:6px 11px;



text-shadow:0 1px 0 #000;





but where can i find the header block bg color css?



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Seems to be in (yourtheme)/header.tpl

Find < div id="header" class="grid_9 alpha omega"...

and add here

style="background-color: red"


inside this div tag

< div id="header" class="grid_9 alpha omega" style="background-color: red" >


(If you don't like red, you can choose any other colour ;-) )



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Ah, the menu.


Copy the file /modules/topblockmenu/blocktopmenu.tpl




(N.B. create (yourtheme)/modules folder and (yourtheme)/modules/blocktopmenu folder if they not exist yet)




Then edit this new file (it overrides the original one):

find the

< ul class="sf-menu clearfix" >


tag and add like before the:


style="background-color: green"


inside this ul tag:

< ul class="sf-menu clearfix" style="background-color: green" >

Hope I understood your wish well this time.



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